How to: Choose A Front Entry Door For Your Ottawa Home

When choosing doors for your Ottawa home, it is important that they are tough enough to withstand wind, rain, sun, snow, intruders and more! You also want to pay close attention to the overall appeal of your front entry doors as it can add to the appeal of your home and boost the overall value and safety of it as well!

Choosing a front door is one of the most fun and important home-improvement decisions you may make this year! You want to choose a design that reflects the style of your home and the people living in it.

Follow these few steps and you will save time while also enjoying front entry door shopping:

Entry door sizes

The size of your door refers to the width of your front entry door and is usually measured in inches or feet. Depending on the size you desire for your home, doors will come in a variety of sizes. For example; those who need wheelchair access, or larger front doors for furniture moving may choose a larger size door while others prefer smaller front entry doors.

Entry door material  

Today, front entry doors offer a wide range of color, glass, and hardware options so you can get the exact look you desire while, ensuring it fits into your budget. In modern day, front entry doors are not only made of wood but they also also made of fiberglass which tends to be a more durable choice. Fiberglass front entry doors are more energy efficient than regular wood doors and fiberglass is more resistant to the sun, moisture and more!

Front entry door style

Making a decision about what front entry door, style you want can be confusing because everyone has a different style or image for their home. There are many types of front entry doors such as; Fiberglass dutch doors, contemporary entry doors, classic entry doors, decorative entry doors and more!

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Why Are Entry Doors Right For Your Home?

Entry doors by EuroStar Ottawa are a highly valued option for any homeowner looking to beautiful their home, while also increasing its curb value. Why are doors by Eurostar in Ottawa perfect for your home? There are many characteristics that make our entry doors stand out against all the rest. To learn more about our entry doors in Ottawa, read below!

High Quality Residential Door Technology

Ottawa residents know the demand for energy efficient doors that also offer your home the highest form of home security. These needs are met and surpassed with our TROCAL system, which is at installed in each and every entry door home offered by EuroStar Ottawa. This special product promises you a five chamber system with the highest quality of thermal insulation. Our TROCAL residential door systems are crucial to any home looking for stability, comfort, ergonomics, and high appeal design.

High Quality Details

The attention to detail in entry doors by EuroStar is astounding. The high quality materials used create a certain well-made feel that simply cannot be replicated with inferior materials. The deep lock offset promises you the greatest level of comfort and ergonomics each and every time you open your EuroStar entry door. The multichamber system also continues to work with your home energy consumption, as it further provide more thermal insulation values.

Design It How You Want!

Security and insulation is a must, but if your entry door does not suit your home, then investing in this venture might seem annoying, at best. Thankfully, the entry doors by EuroStar in Ottawa offer you what other entry door provides cannot: unlimited customization. From wood grain, to colour laminates, the potential for design possibilities is endless. These options ensure that the perfectly designed entry door for your home exists in Ottawa.

Raise Your Curb Appeal

Entry doors by EuroStar help you up the curb appeal and value of your home with ease. If you are unsure about upgrading to entry doors in Ottawa out of fear that you may sell your home in the upcoming years, then EuroStar is the right option for you. Entry doors can help you create the perfect look for a home that you plan to stay in for many years to come. However, it can also help you make sure the value of your home is the highest it can possibly be. Entry doors in Ottawa by EuroStar help you ensure that your home’s potential is being reached with ease.

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Enhancing your Ottawa Home: Choose Your Ideal Modern Entry Doors

In most modern homes and businesses in, entry doors are the focal point of the house. This is where guests form their first impressions, and will be the final thing they see before they leave. It’s important to choose the right entry doors if you want to wow your visitors, boost curb appeal, and increase the market value of your home.

The EuroStar team is here to share some important tips to help you choose the right modern entry doors in Ottawa, so read on if you want to choose the perfect portal for your home today!

Choosing the right style

EuroStar offers many different styles, but most business and homeowners have been drawn towards modern entry doors in Ottawa; the modern look gives your home or business an avant-garde aesthetic, and distinguishes you from the thousands of properties built with dated architecture.

If you are not looking for modern entry doors in Ottawa, you might consider some of our other options. Colonial, Victorian,and bungalow styles are all available. Find more information online here.

Does it fit the facade?

Your modern entry doors must be suited to the rest of your home’s frontage. For example, you would not want to choose a modern entry door to be fitted on to a home with a colonial style. You want to be sure that your door panel is not at odds with the size and style of your home’s window panes, and that it doesn’t clash with the muntin pattern on your home’s facade.

These basic tips should set you on the right path in your hunt for the perfect home portal. Whatever you choose, know that EuroStar is a prudent choice for your installation, consultation, and manufacturing needs.

Whether you need colonial, Victorian, or modern entry doors in Ottawa, EuroStar can help! Call us today at (613) 731 6224 or visit us online today!

Down with Upkeep! – Simple EuroStar Solutions for Wood Entry Doors in Ottawa

Wood entry doors are popping up all over Ottawa as more and more homeowners begin to appreciate the rustic look and feel of these popular (and sometimes poplar) entryways. However, the appeal sometimes lessens when homeowners start to consider the maintenance required for their wood entry doors over time.

Wood entry doors are a nightmare to restore. The preparation phase is tiring enough, as you are forced to tap out the hinge pins, remove your door, take off any hardware including knobs, lock sets, and hinges, and give the whole thing a thorough cleaning.

Depending on what you plan to do after cleaning, the job can go from bad to worse. Major finish restorations require you to strip off paint and sand your door down with a high-grit sandpaper. This is all before you even think to crack a can of paint or finish for the final coat.

EuroStar has a solution that gives you the look and feel of wood entry doors without wasted time, hassles, and energy-consuming upkeep.

The Harbour Craft Fiberglass Collection:

This collection lets homeowners looking for wood entry doors in Ottawa have their cake and eat it too! The Harbour Craft Fiberglass collection has a realistic wood grain finish, making use of a patented technology and innovative mold process to mimic the grain, texture, and construction of a handcrafted hardwood door. Homeowners looking for wood entry doors in Ottawa can now have all of the elegance of mahogany, oak, or cherry-wood finishes without any of the upkeep costs!

If you are seeking wood entry doors in Ottawa, then look no further than EuroStar – our full collection of front entry door systems can be seen online or you can learn more by calling us at (613) 731-6224.

3 Reasons to Consider Steel Entry Doors in Ottawa

Have you ever seen steel entry doors in the Ottawa area? Chances are that you have; for architects and specifiers, the decision for door and frame materials usually comes down to an ultimatum between steel or “something else.”

Steel is notoriously strong, which makes it a desired choice for home and business owners looking for an added element of security, but there are more reasons to opt for steel entry doors in Ottawa. Read more for an explanation from the EuroStar team:

How can we help?

Steel entry doors provide unparalleled value.

Steel may have the best long-term value in the door and frame industry. Strong and durable, steel lasts for a very long time, and is much sturdier than wood or fiberglass alternatives. The cost of ownership is incredibly low: properly maintained steel doors can last for upwards of 30 years, and repairs are quite inexpensive.

Steel entry doors eliminate common risks and annoyances.

Steel entry doors offer better basic security needs. The prospect of hammering down a steel down is not very appealing to thieves looking for an easy payday. Additionally, steel entry doors have a strong fire rating, and are an excellent means of sound reduction.

Steel entry doors don’t have to be ugly.

Some people associate steel entry doors with fallout bunkers or strongholds, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can find modern stainless aesthetics, vibrant coloured finishes, or even faux textured styles to suit any tastes. EuroStar offers a number of steel entry doors from their Ottawa location.

Steel entry doors are a steal! You can view the steel Executive Series Entrance Doors as well as the Classic Door Collections on our website or call us today at (613 731 6224) for more information!


Choosing a Front Entry Door in Ottawa: Steel vs. Fiberglass

Overtime your doors start to cause problems and look old taking away from the visual appeal of your home. If you live in the Ottawa area and are looking to update your front entry doors, then the EuroStar team can help you today!

Front entry doors are the portal that leads to the heart of your house. Whether you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, the dollar value of your closing sale offers, or simply show off the personality of those who live inside, there is no better way than to liven up your front entry doors.

But where do you begin? There are so many options available today, it can be tough to decide which style and materials to decorate your home with. The EuroStar team would like to give you some design and material ideas to help you find the best front entry doors in Ottawa!

Doors of steel

Steel doors like those in our Classic Door Collections and Executive Series offer a number of benefits to the homeowner. Beyond iron-clad security, steel front entry doors are weather-resistant, highly insulated due to their polyurethane core, and impose very little upkeep cost on their owners. You might be surprised at the different styles and textures that we can achieve with steel.

Front entry doors: Fiberglass

Price-wise, fiberglass is a middle-tier option, but it outperforms both steel and wood in terms of its durability and low upkeep requirements. Our fiberglass front entry doors won’t warp in hostile weather conditions, and soak up paint without any problems if you decide to slap on a new coat of colour. Fiberglass doors are lightweight, highly energy efficient, and come in a wide range of molds; our Harbour Craft Fiberglass Collection can actually simulate mahogany, oak, or cherry, giving you all of the benefits of fiberglass with all of the warmth of a wooden appearance.

These two material options represent only the tip of the iceberg! If you are looking for front entry doors in Ottawa, you are doing yourself a disservice unless you visit our website. Click the link and learn all you need to know about quality front entry door options available in your area.

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Professional Entry Door Replacements In Ottawa

No matter what type of home you have, after a couple years it is important that you replace the doors for the most efficient energy and money savings possible!

By replacing your doors you will be rewarded with a better indoor temperature regulation, lower energy bills, it will encourage you to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and new doors will increase the overall value of your home.

At EuroStar we provide a wide variety of efficient and attractive doors these include:

  • Steel, fiberglass & wrought iron

  • French garden & sliding patio

  • Decorative glass

  • Mini blind and venting window and more!

It is essential when looking into replacing your doors that you find the most professional practices for the best door replacement possible. Poorly replaced doors come with a variety of difficulties such as not closing properly. If you call professionals such as EuroStar Doors and Windows you are keeping your family out of possible risk and saving money each and every month!

Replacements should include an air-tight seal so that the air from the outdoors does not sneak its way into your home. Additionally, a poorly-fitted door compromises your family’s safety by presenting your home to the public as an easy target.

EuroStar offers many solutions for homeowners who are seeking entry door replacements in Ottawa. Here are some reasons to consider EuroStar professional services.

We are experienced

So far, EuroStar has over 30 years of experience and running. This means that when you choose our services you can rest assured the job is done right the first time. There are a variety of door options to choose from to help complement your home. Our professionals are familiar with all door models and materials, and we will not leave your home until you are completely satisfied with your door replacement.

Affordable Prices!

Our fees may be the best you will find in the Ottawa area today! By choosing our professional door replacement services you will find that over time, you are saving money, time and energy by having the replacement done properly the first time with no complications or further costs later on.

If you are looking for a professional entry door replacement in Ottawa call (613) 731-6224 today, or use our online contact form to speak with one of our professionals.