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The front entry door is the key focal point of your home. The front door sees the most traffic and is used most often. Your entry door creates the first impression of your property. Keeping this in mind, the right front entry door can significantly increase the property’s curb appeal as well as estimated value.

The most important aspect of your front door is the amount of security it provides to you and your family. Entry Doors Ottawa is proud to provide doors that offer superior protection against intruders and severe weather conditions. Entry Doors Ottawa’s Fiberglass Doors have been designed and manufactured with your protection in mind. Additionally, Entry Doors Ottawa Fiberglass Doors have optimized thermal insulation, long service life, and are essentially maintenance free!

Entry Doors Ottawa offers its customers various Fiberglass doors to choose from, including the doors featured in the Harbour Craft Collection.

The Harbour Craft Collection offers superior durability for daily use. High quality wood grain finish is used which mirrors a wood door. Fiberglass doors can easily be stained or painted in a variety of finishes and colours to best suit your home’s design. This is the first of various Fiberglass doors. This collection utilized a patented technology and a unique mold process to reflect the grain, texture and construction of a handcrafted hardwood door. This process allows the doors to  resemble authentic mahogany, oak or cherry. Revel in the beauty of wood without the burdens and cost maintenance through EuroStar’s Fiberglass Doors!

When deciding on your new front entrance door remember that it’s the focal point of your home. This focal point influences the perceived value of your property which is important for resale value. To provide an optimal first impression of your home, consult with one of our experts today! Our experts will guide you to make the best entry door decision that compliments the style and design of your home!